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Removal of suspended  impurities or other dissolved solids from feed water entering the boiler, either by Filtration or Ion exchange ( high water hardness)  and removal to preserve the quality of the feed water &  final chemical treatment inside the system either hot or steam boiler . 


Final Chemical treatment:

This step occurs after chemical cleaning for the system and the boiler for protection of the boiler, & preserves its efficiency.

The purpose of the final treatment is:

For the hot water boiler:

To prevent corrosion inside the closed system.

For the steam (open circuit system), we use a chemical treatment to make the following:

1) Reacts with any basic dissolved salts and prevent it from precipitating on the boiler metal as scale.

2) Condition any suspended matter such as sludge, scales .iron oxide in the boiler and make it non-adherent to the boiler metal;

3) Provide anti-foam protection to allow a reasonable concentration of dissolved and suspended solids in the boiler water without foam carry-over;

4) Eliminate oxygen from the water and provide enough alkalinity to prevent boiler corrosion.

5) Neutralizing the ph of the condensate return protecting the system.

Rowatic offers a variety of very efficient Chemical blends which can be used in such applications.