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HVAC systems that usually utilize water, must be chemically treated with the high care to ensure it’s free of dirts (chemically clean), and prevent formation of corrosion, scaling and microbiological growth.

In Rowatic, we offer suitable chemical solutions to avoid & inhibit corrosion inside any water containing system.

Rowatic can provide chemicals & equipments for the chemical cleaning & inhibition of the water system, taking into consideration to make the system energy efficient and protecting the environment. 


Chiller and Cooling Tower Treatment

Chillers are considered as closed loop system. Its internal tubes should be treated & inhibited to prevent any loss in the system or the heat transfer efficiency inside the chiller body.

So, the heat transfer surface must be always clean from scales or corrosion. For the cooling tower, in the contrary Chillers is considered as opened loop system, which needs a suitable treatment method to comply this type of water system requirements. Otherwise the system will be accumulated by impurities, suspended solids which may lead to scaling or corrosion and bio-fouling so we must ensure that the system is well treated. 

For these purpose, Rowatic offers a high grade chemicals blended locally or imported from outside.